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A brief history of our school

Our Story

Santa Monica Trapeze School first came into existence and to the Pier in 2008 as Trapeze School New York: Los Angeles. In 2023, with the retirement of TSNY owners Anne and Dave Brown, SMTS was born.

Over TSNY's 21 year history, 26 locations were established. here are the links to those other locations in their new entities:

  • Trapeze School New York
  • Phone: 212-242-8769
    April - October:
    353 West St, New York NY 10014
    During the rest of the year:
    467 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn NY 11206

  • Get a Grip
  • Phone: 815-277-7515
    During summer:
    5200 N Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60640
    During the rest of the year:
    5917 N Broadway, Chicago IL 60660

  • Capital Circus City School
  • Phone: 202-479-6861
    10 I St SE, Washington DC 20003

    At the heart of our School's motivation is a desire for greater health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The Flying Trapeze is a wonderful tool for learning and practicing many vital elements of health and wellness. Conditioning, body awareness, timing, trust, relaxation, and a belief in one's ability to do more than one imagined, are just a few of the benefits of flying. Static trapeze, Spanish web, trampoline, acrobatics and silks are great for building overall strength and coordination. They are also invaluable for learning improved technique and form.

    Many of our clients, inspired by the joy and challenge of flying, set a new course of commitment to health and happiness in their lives. Often, our students describe improvement in focus, self-esteem, strength, mood, patience, empowerment, sleep patterns, and weight loss. An added benefit comes from the community spirit shared by our students and staff. A passion for flying trapeze and aerial arts has proven to be a powerful means of breaking down the barriers we build inside ourselves and between each other. Our programs and curriculum are designed such that our students can discover something new each time they fly.

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